Weekend Links: 2014 Edition


*image via Pinterest

It’s the first weekend of 2014! Isn’t is crazy how time flies? I love the start of a new year because it means a clean slate, a chance to reinvent yourself, try new things, and start over. I was lucky enough to spend the last week in Maui, and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on the many adventures of 2013. Here are a few things that are keeping me inspired this weekend.

New year means healthy eating, so I’m excited to try a whole slew of good-for-you recipes. I’m planning to try and cook fish every Monday and I think this recipe might be first on the docket.

I’m not a huge DIY-er, but we recently ordered this West Elm coffee table, and I’m thinking these DIY Ikea Hacks would be a perfect complement.

While I’m not a design blogger, I appreciate the organization of any home office, and I’m thinking of utilizing a similar project management tool when heading back to work in a few days.

I love this white button up and pastel sweater combo for the impending Spring season.

While I love cooking and blogging about it, I really haven’t honed in on a photography technique. I’ve been pinning some inspirational images to learn from here.

I hope you have a productive first (or second) week back at work.

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