Coffee Table Style

IMG_3321For Christmas last month, we decided to invest in something for the house rather than get each other presents. It felt really great to get something we really needed and that was investment piece that could be used in future homes and was perfect for now as well. We talked to Gillian, our designer, about all types of coffee tables, but when she emailed us this one from West Elm, I was sold. While we usually go for more rustic, wood pieces, I loved that this marble and brass piece was completely timeless and would look great in our space. It’s size is much smaller than our last coffee table, but still big enough to style and put your feet up.

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at putting some pieces together for the tabletop. I’m no interior designer, just someone who likes pretty things and who likes to keep their house organized. I knew that a tray and/or a box were a must to keep everything corralled and organized. Also, just a simple bouquet of tulips or cheap flowers at the market really brings everything together.

I was a little bit weary of getting  a marble table top due to its delicate reputation and the fact that we love to make our guests feel at home (ie: we encourage our guests to drink red wine around our white couch), but when I saw this table I just couldn’t resist. We added an element of natural fibers through our coasters that don’t feel too stuffy, and that are wine themed!

All in all, I think that when putting together the coffee table, it needs to be livable, beautiful, and functional. For us, that means a stack of burlap coasters, a box to hold our remotes, a tray to corral flowers and a candle, and some magazines to remember to read. It also doesn’t hurt to drink sparkling water out of fun champagne flutes to keep everything feeling festive 🙂 What are your coffee table styling tricks? I’d love to hear!




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