Renovation Inspiration

There is so much inspiration out there for renovating. While at this point we’re focusing on more “big picture” items, I can’t help but catalogue paint colours, design inspiration and flooring ideas. While we need to get the building blocks down before worrying about little details, I want to make sure we have an end goal in mind to keep on track. Here are some images that are really inspiring me lately:


This looks like a random picture, but I love the paint colour on the pool house. I’d like to pair this dark grey with white trim and black-framed windows for a contrasted exterior look.


This is another Vancouver Special. Researching Van Specials has been really helpful in determining what we want the flow of our house to be. I love the idea the you can go from the back patio, to the kitchen, to the dining room, to the living room (not pictured), in one fell swoop. While we probably won’t be able to have an island, we are making having a peninsula a priority.


I love the look of marble, but the price and lack of durability make it unrealistic. To me, quartz is a way better option and as you can see above, also a really beautiful one!


These pendants are so gorgeous! While I love the look of the rug in the kitchen, I don’t really know how practical it is. The free-standing kitchen island is pretty cool, and might work because we have a smaller space. While our place will be more modern than this, I love how “homey” it feels.

64d83d729d56de388549a2a5885f7ebaI’ve been dreaming about having a window banquette since we moved into our current place! Such a nice spot for a morning coffee, breakfast with out of town guests, and reading the paper. The picture above shows that you don’t have to build something in to have it work perfectly.

What I’ve learned from this renovation so far: plans will change as you learn more, but make sure to keep some ideas in the back of your mind to know what you’re striving towards. Focusing on long-term goals helps when the day to day details get overwhelming!

*all sources on my Pinterest


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