Weekend Links


I came across the above photo on one of my favourite blogs, The Fresh Exchange. I was immediately captivated by the photo – gorgeous setting, great bottle of wine, beautiful glassware, and reflection. The quote made it even more perfect. I would highly suggest reading her beautifully written blog post about travelling and the inevitable feeling of coming home.

This week was long for lots of reasons, but I’m feeling a new found feeling of excitement at work. In my personal life, it’s been a week of getting stuff done mixed in with a couple glasses of wine and relaxing. This weekend holds lots of house to-dos and downtime (my favourite mix). I’ll be posting an update on the renovation soon, as we will be getting possession of the house in mere weeks!

Here are a few links that have inspired me this week:

I love the idea of a big quote on a sparse wall.

This Earnest Hemingway quote basically describes my dream life. A Moveable Feast is on my nightstand waiting for me to crack it open, too.

While our back deck won’t be ready for at least another year, I’ve been gathering cozy and inviting images to use as inspiration. This backyard fits the bill quite nicely.

I like to “clean green” as much as possible, and I’m grateful for this roundup of safe cleaning products by Goop.

I’m adding these gorgeous mini-cakes to my possible Mother’s-Day-Dinner menu plan.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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