Yes Way Rosé

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about my favourite wines. With summer in full swing here (shoot, did I just jinx it?) the rosé is flowing! It’s one of my favourite types of wine because it’s so versatile, can be drunk without food, and everyone seems to love it. Plus, it’s pretty. Here are my favourite rosés right now (some are tried and true faves from years back, and some are new to me and hopefully to you).


From Left to Right:

1) Villa Teresa Rosé: A perfect rosé bubbly from one of my favourite regions (Veneto in Italy). This can be paired with anything from BBQ ribs to a cheese plate. A great special occasion wine (at a table wine price) to keep in the fridge.

2) Joie Rosé: This has long been one of the best selling rosés in British Columbia, and for good reason. The taste is clean, simple, and delicious.

3) Quail’s Gate Rosé: This is a new find for me (Thanks, Peter!) but it’s my go-to for this summer. It’s very reasonable (under $20), locally made in BC, and is the perfect balance between slightly sweet, totally fruity and perfect with your light grilled meats.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I need this phone case:


Make sure to pick up a bottle on your way home. It’s almost the weekend after all 🙂 Speaking of the weekend, I’ll be spending it with my family from Toronto & California. I graduate from my MBA on Tuesday and I can’t wait to sip a glass of rosé with all of my favourite people.

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