Weekend Links

Woah, it’s really been a while! I always feel guilty when I don’t update my blog, but then I realize I write it because I find it fun and that’s all that matters! It’s been a crazy month. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting pics from my life lately, but today let’s stick to my favourite post to write: Weekend Links.



Summer has officially begun and I couldn’t be more excited. This means long nights spent with friends on patios, sleeping in just for fun, walks along the water, and just a general life live vibe in the air. I love it! We have a lot of exciting things going on this summer: namely, a trip to France coming up in August! I’ve wanted to go to France my entire life. I think it’s the mixture of living in a country where you learn French from such a young age, but also the many images you see of the la tour d’eiffel. There is something so romantic, incredible and awe-inspiring about that country and I cannot wait to discover it. Here are some of my favourite links from the week.

I’m a huge affogato lover, and I love this take on it: Affogato with Olive Oil Vanilla Ice Cream & Rosemary Biscotti. Perfect summer easy dessert.

I think this is such a cute summer look and I may be rocking it to a BBQ tomorrow.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this Summer Wedding Shoot by local Vancouver photographer and my personal photog coach/friend Christie Graham.

A very cool collection of high-end pools.

Speaking of France, I’ve spoken about Mimi Thorisson before, and somehow every time I visit her site her life looks more and more beautiful. Her blog is a must read.

Have a beautiful weekend.xx

image from Pinterest (not sure of the original source)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. Hi Sophie.

    I loved your post as always!

    When u mentioned la tour d’ Eiffel, it brought back memories of my first trip to Paris. When I saw it, I found the image breathtaking. Not bad for a tower that, when first built, was roundly criticized at the time. So much for prevailing ‘wisdom’. Enjoy!!

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