Provence Top 10

Most people assured me that after a week in Paris, I’d be ready to leave. Boy, were they wrong. I truly could have spent another month in that city! While it was totally bittersweet to head South on the train, I was very excited for the next leg of the journey. All I knew was that we were staying in a small village in Provence. How much better could it get!? Rosé wine, local produce, and some R&R. This leg of the trip did not disappoint and I’m already plotting my way back to the South of France. We stayed in a farm town just outside of St-Rémy-de-Provence called Maillane. It could have been a movie set. There were only two grocery stores, one café, one restaurant, and one pizzeria. While I have to admit the Italians do pizza way better than the French (it’s true!) there are so many things that I enjoyed. Keep scrolling for some of my photos, and my top ten list at the bottom!IMG_4469 IMG_4657 IMG_4522 IMG_4487 IMG_4579 IMG_4631 IMG_4596#10: St-Rémy-de-Provence. Out of all of the little towns we came across, St-Rémy-de-Provence was by far my favourite. Great shops, lots of nice restaurants, and a perfect place to spend a day roaming the streets.

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#9: Small Grocery Stores. In our town, Maillane, we had two little grocers. I’m sure to the locals they are unexciting, but to us, they were one of our favourite parts of the trip. They have everything from local herbs to fresh produce to a butcher, and it’s where we got the inspiration for most of our Al Fresco meals.


#8: Chateau Neuf de Pape. While in Provence, you must go wine tasting! We were lucky enough to hit up 3 wineries and came back to our house with lots of wines to taste and pair with food. The French wine regions are super complex and very interesting, so it is for sure worth a day of your time.


#7: Isle sur la Sorgue. One of our first day-trips was to the Isle sur la Sorgue  market. With everything from cheese to tablecloths, I came home with some tea towels and lots of food for dinner that night. Watch out for the price of Nougat, though! It can add up quickly as we learned.


#6: Cooking Class. We looked into lots of different options for cooking classes and ended up opting with having a local cook come to our house and teach us some Provençal dishes. Among my favourite of the night was Soup au Pistou, a vegetable based soup with a dollop of garlicky pesto on top. YUM!

#5: Drinks At Hotel D’Almeran. While walking around St-Rémy-de-Provence, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this beautiful little restaurant with the most gorgeous décor and enjoyed an afternoon glass of wine.


#4: French Pharmacies. I could not get enough of the pharmacies in Provence. Yes, they have them in Paris too but there’s something magical about a cobblestone street that leads up to a neon green sign. Next week, I’ll chronicle my favourite French pharmacy buys (some of which are available here too).

#3: Les Fenêtres De Provence. When I was purchasing some postcards for friends and family, one of my favourite ones had a bunch of different windows in different colours, aptly titles Les Fenêtres De Provence. Each region had it’s own colour palette and I couldn’t stop taking pictures! Much like Paris has amazing doors, Provence has amazing window shutters.


#2: RELAX. With all the hustle and bustle with travel, it’s nice to take a few days to relax. Go for a long walk, sit by the pool, have some afternoon wine, and read a book. One day we went for a two hour walk along the farmland, went for a long lunch and then sat by the pool with some French décor magazines. It’s hard to remember that you don’t need to check every town off your list. Our day spent relaxing was one our favourites.


#1: Rosé. Ahhhhh rosé. Is there anything better than drinking rosé in the hot French sun? My favourite regions from Provence turned out to be Tavel and Les Baux-de-Provence.


If you’ve been to Provence or are heading there, I’d love to hear your favourites!

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