London Top 10

IMG_4662IMG_4661 IMG_4691 IMG_4682 IMG_4700 IMG_4684_2 IMG_4692#10: Harrod’s Food Section. WOW. I have never been to such an incredible department store. You could spend months roaming the floors here. I was in awe at how many products were in one store. My favourite part? The food and wine section. We kicked ourselves for having purchased lunch before we got there. But we were sure to pick up some tea and chocolate.

#9: Football Game. Yes, I know. Shocking coming from me! Going to London and seeing a Chelsea game was a life long dream of Peter’s and I was so happy to tag along. The energy in the stadium is palpable and I was happy to slip into a Chelsea jersey for the big match. Even better? They won. After the game, you walk with thousands of fans and we decided to keep walking for a few miles until… (see below).

#8: Drinks at any pub. There are pubs (or multiple) on every block. They’re always full, have music playing, and a fire burning. I wish we had something similar in Vancouver, but there’s nothing more quintessentially English than stopping to have a pint.

#7: Brunch at Bistrotheque. Our good friend, Kate, who has been living in London for 3 years, made reservations at a cool spot called Bistrotheque for Brunch. We had amazing avocado toast, earl grey tea, and listened to a live pianist in an all-white-brick-clad room filled with a stylish crowd (including Ross Geller!) Now that’s a way to start the weekend.

#6: Dinner at Dishoom. This was recommended by multiple people. Peter’s brother had been to London a week before us and couldn’t speak more highly of this Indian restaurant. Modelled after a Bombay Café, it’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has that laid back bohemian vibe that is oh so natural in East London.

#5: Dinner at Morito. After coming home from London and seeing Morito mentioned in one of my new cookbooks, Jerusalem, I realized how lucky we were to have eaten here. It’s a tiny restaurant filled with tiny tables with tiny dishes. The one big thing about it? The bold flavours. I can’t wait try and recreate some of the dishes.

#4: Hyde Park. I always love checking out the big parks in every city. It was so calming to walk through this park and sit in Princess Diana’s memorial rose garden one afternoon.

#3: Dinner at Nopi. The one thing I knew I wanted to do in London was eat at one of Ottolenghi’s famous restaurants. While we didn’t think we’d get a reservation at Nopi, we tried anyways and were pleasantly surprised. Everything from the décor to the dessert was perfection and it was a worthy splurge. One dish I want to recreate? Burrata with fennel seeds and peaches. YUM.

#2: Shoreditch House. How have I never been to a Soho House? This ultra-cool spot deserves a post of its own. It’s a member’s only club that includes a gym, restaurant, rooftop pool, and the coolest bar known to man. I could have spent the whole weekend in this place.

#1: Columbia Road Flower Market. We were lucky to be in London for the Columbia Road Flower Market held every Sunday. This was the best way to start the day. My only regret? Having to leave the next day and not being able to pick up some of my own!

We had a fantastic time in London, and it was the perfect ending to an amazing trip.

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