Preparing for Whistler Cornucopia

One of my favourite events is happening this weekend, Whistler Corncuopia, and I’m lucky enough to be attending a multitude of events. Everything from learning to cook Mediterranean food to tasting the best of the best wines that are being shown this year. There isn’t a lot to do (in most people’s minds) to prepare, but I’ve managed to find some ways. I’ve downloaded a few new wine apps to try out so that I can jot down some notes mid-taste (I’m very interested in Delectable). I’m going to try a few and let you know my favourite. Along with eating healthy to prepare for the marathon of eating and drinking ahead, I’ve created what I think would be the ideal outfit heading into this weekend.

cornucopia party skirtGiven my recent obsession with PARTYSKIRTS, I knew I had to incorporate one of the lady-length skirts into this outfit. Along with a red wine coloured crop sweater, and my favourite Rag & Bone booties (still on my wishlist), this outfit would be perfect for the CRUSH gala on Saturday night. It’s cozy enough for Whistler, but chic enough to feel special in.

What events are you attending at Cornucopia? Hope to see you there!


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