Cornucopia: Top Wines from CELLAR DOOR

Cornucopia was as fun as always this year! We were lucky enough to attend one of this year’s new events, Cellar Door. If you have been to Cornucopia before, chances are that you have been to Crush (the main gala on Saturday night). We always attend Crush and it’s always lots of fun. However, I really liked the change of pace that Cellar Door provided. All of the wines were “premium” (ie: over $35), there were less people, more time with the winemakers, and lots of delicious food. We had a blast and I will definitely be back next year!

Throughout the weekend, I rated wines on my new favourite wine app, Delectable. This is not a sponsored post – I truly loved the experience that Delectable provided. I’ve struggled with keeping track of my favourite wines (yes, first world problems), but Delectable makes it easy to store tasting notes as well as the label of the wine you are drinking for those moments when you’re at the liquor store and can’t for the life of you remember which wine you had a few weeks ago. I highly recommend it!

The wines below were my favourite from the night, and I will definitely be picking some up during the holiday season for gifts and special occasions.

Painted Rock Merlot 2012

I loved all of the wines by Painted Rock. This was an absolutely fantastic Merlot with smooth tannins. The flavours include blackberry and spice and I think this would be perfect paired with grilled mushrooms or something equally as earthy.


Black Hills Estate Winery Syrah 2012

I’ve had Black Hills’ Nota Bene in the past on special occasions and I’m always really impressed by their wines. This Syrah was no exception. In my mind, it was the best wine of the night. This would be great with barbecue.

2012 Syrah 640

Moon Curser Petit Verdot 2012

Moon Curser was a surprising find for me. The wine rep described it as “if you bottled up all of the vampires from Twilight.” It’s certainly dark, very pleasant to drink, and has liquorice undertones.


Hillside Winery Mosaic 2009

Never having been to Hillside Winery, this wine makes me yearn to get there ASAP. This wine had slight tannic undertones and is a fantastic bordeaux blend. Grilled lamb would be a fantastic pairing that would hold up very well.

No Unauthorized Reproduction @Jason Dziver

Road 13 Syrah Malbec

This was one of Cornucopia’s Top 25 wines, and there’s a reason for that. This wine has a full mouth feel, is ripe (meaning you can age it), and is leathery on the palette. I would pair this with a roast feast at Christmas dinner.

2012 Syrah Malbec

It’s always nice to try something new, so why not pick up one of these beauties this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Cornucopia: Top Wines from CELLAR DOOR

  1. Sophie — sounds like you had a lot of fun and enjoyed the food and wine, glad for you. I was going to make a funny comment here but decided not too. Glad you enjoyed yourself,…………………Auntie Carole

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