Cornucopia: Sonora Resort

I, for one, have never been Sonora Resort. But after this seminar at Cornucopia, I’m wondering WHY! Sonora is a luxury eco-lodge (Relais Chateaux to be exact) only accessible by helicopter (not bad). It’s 50 minutes from Vancouver but when you get there, you’re given absolute world-class treatment, especially when it comes to food (mostly foraged from around the resort) and wine.

For this seminar, Chef Terry Pincher made us three courses and they were paired with a new favourite wine label of mine: Painted Rock.


The first course was a Wild Mushroom Soup made with foraged mushrooms as well as broth which was enhanced with the seaweed above called dried lasagna kelp. This is a very special ingredient and added so much flavour to the broth. The soup was paired with the Painted Rock Merlot.


The second course was a stunning “Scallop + Potatoes” served with the Painted Rock Rosé. This dish was potatoes done three ways, layered with a delicious, fresh scallop that was seasoned and cooked to perfection. The rosé was a result of othergrowth, but turned out to be a welcomed surprise.


The pièce de résistance was the final course, pork cheecks with sunchoke pure and confit apples. Served with the Painted Rock Red Icon (another favourite), this delicious meal made me want to run to the nearest butcher and cook up some pork cheeks!


A beautiful way to end a beautiful meal.

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