Cornucopia: Best Argentine Wines

Last year I was lucky enough to go to Argentina and Chile with my business school. We learned lots about the South American economy and doing business in both of those countries. In our off time, we got to spend time enjoying the local culture through cooking classes and of course, wine tasting!

This past weekend at Cornucopia, I attended what was to be one of my favourite seminars of the weekend, Argentina: Malbec is Only the Beginning. Every flavour, sip and swirl reminded me of being back in South America with my classmates! There is something so nolstagic about smelling and tasting a familiar wine, it brings you right back to the first place you tried it, and the people you were with.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 favourite Argentine wines from that tasting (hosted by the hilarious and smart House Wine girls).

Bodega Vistalba Corte C Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon

This was my favourite wine from the tasting. It has beautiful spice notes on the nose and was brand new to me. I will definitely be picking up a few bottles of this. When I was in Argentina, all I had was Malbec and Torrontes so knowing you can get a good Cab shows the versatility of this growing wine region.


Dominio Del Plata Crios Torrontes 

I’ve wrote about this wine before, and I will continue to unless it ever changes. It’s a beautiful, inexpensive wine that pairs as well with grilled fish as it does with a sunny patio. Smells sweet, tastes dry. Unbeatable at this price and I always reach for it.


La Mascota Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Who knew – another Cab! This wine is very subtle and smooth. There are not a ton of tannins, yet it is firm. The minerality in this wine really shines through and it has great balance. I would pair this with grilled pork sausage.


Bodega Atamisque Catalpa Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011

This bottle is as beautiful as the wine inside it. The wine has a fragrant nose filled with red juicy fruit. The taste is high in acidity, meaning your mouth waters when you taste it. This is due to the diurnal temperature, meaning the temperature dips quite low at night, allowing the grapes to retain acidity. It has a dry herb flavour.


Bodega El Esteco Don David Reserve Malbec 2011

How is this wine $13.99?? I’m a huge fan of this label and glad I got to try their Malbec as I usually stick with their Cab. It has ripe fruit flavours and would be great with steak (as well as before dinner as it’s very easy drinking).

156455Did I miss any of your favourite wines from Argentina? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Cornucopia: Best Argentine Wines

  1. Great post Sophie & a cogent summary
    of these Argentine wines. Wonderful that this tasting brought back memories of your trip to that beautiful country. Your writing inspires me. Your passion jumps off the written page and conveys your love of life. Stay interested!!

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