#WineWednesday – Cozy Date Sunday Night Dinner Edition

It’s my favourite post of the week! Wine Wednesday. I know it seems silly, but I really like celebrating everything in life. Glass of Prosecco because it’s Friday? Sure! A fun (and indulgent) coffee because it’s Monday? Absolutely! Trying a new wine on a #WineWednesday? Always. This week’s post is high-low. The champagne is cheap and cheerful, and the red is a bit more of an investment but it’s a beautiful wine to try and I would highly suggest breaking it out for a special occasion. I’ll definitely be buying both for the holiday season.

Read below for my pairings to go with the Beef Bourguignon & Truffle Herb Popcorn.

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Savigny Les Beaune Premiere Cru with Beef Bourguignon

There truly is no pairing more classic than a beef bourguignon and Burgundy. Julia Child, herself, even said “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food…” While you wouldn’t want to throw this Burgundy in the stew, there’s no harm in savouring a glass while you cook. It’s light enough to sip on it’s own, but holds up very well to the rich flavours of the dish. The bottle is absolutely beautiful and it’s always fun to pull out a French wine when you’re sitting down to dinner with friends. It looks fancy without even trying. At $35.95, it’s more of a special occassion wine (in my opinion), and would be great to bring as a hostess gift for American Thanksgiving turkey dinner, or even with Turkey at Christmas!

There is a strong jam note on the nose when you first sniff it. Upon further oxidating the wine (ie: swirling it), a beautifully balanced green pepper and fruit forward taste emerges. The acidity brings out the fresh carrot flavour in the stew, and with each bite the wine becomes more and more rich, layered by currant and raspberry. Julia Child would be singing about the perfection of this pairing.

Side note: if you give this as a gift, let them know it can be aged until 2020 (pretty cool, eh?)

sophie october- christie graham photography-4897 sophie october- christie graham photography-4883sophie october- christie graham photography-4905

Marquis De La Tour with Truffle Herb Popcorn

First of all, this wine is $14.99 (run to the wine store, don’t walk). This is the type of wine you buy by the case and don’t hesitate to open for parties, a casual dinner at home, or even to pair with popcorn. Champagne and popcorn is actually a very classic pairing. Upon first taste, the wine is strong in apple flavours. The freshness complements the truffle oil (which is very rich) beautifully. Champagne is also known for imparting a certain amount of yeast smell and taste. The parmesan on the popcorn enhances this flavour and brings out the Champenois characteristics of the wine.

I really like serving Champagne very cold. It becomes a refreshing end to the meal alongside the rich and herbaceous popcorn.

Let me know what you think of these pairings!

Photos: Christie Graham Photography

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