Gift Guide: Wine Lover

There are always a few wine lovers among your circle of family and friends. Instead of picking them up a bottle this year, why not add something special on the side that’s a bit more memorable? I’m all about wine as a gift, but it’s fun to pair it with a little something extra.

1. Hilarious greeting card: Loving someone more than wine is serious business, and this card is the best way to show it.


2. Wine Journal: I usually write down my favourite wines in an app, but this journal is perfect for those who want to learn more and prefer to put pen to paper.


3. Rose coupes for Champagne: How pretty are these? A good rosé Champagne would look beautiful in these coupes.


4. Olivia Pope’s red wine glasses: by far my favourite wine glasses. They instantly elevate any meal (and/or wine).


5. A fun decanter: Who says you need to use a typical decanter when you are aerating your wine? Remove the stopper from this one and add it to your table with a delicious red.


6. Champagne-keeper: not the sexiest gift, but perfect for those drinkers that love champagne and love to have some leftover for the next day! It would be great wrapped up beside your favourite bubbly.

champagne-wine-stopper (1)

7. Vacu Vin: I use this everyday to keep bottles just a little bit longer. You see a noticeable difference in the longevity of your opened wine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.58.02 PM

8. A really nice corkscrew: I’m all about the basic and classic corkscrew. But there’s no reason to use something flimsy and difficult. This Le Creuset version will make opening your wine feel luxurious.


9. Wine print: Inexpensive and fun – this is my favourite print and I hang it over our bar.


10. Membership to ClubW (or a local wine club if you’re Canadian): If only I lived in the states and could join this amazing wine club! There are lots of local options if you live in BC. Check out your favourite winery for ideas.


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