Golden Globes: My Best Dressed

While I’m always sad for the holiday season to end, there’s a part of me that’s totally OK with it, because it means that awards season starts! Great movies, great outfits, and fun reasons to stay home and drink champagne. Last night, I had my family over to watch the show, and we had such a great time! Other than the fact that I actually hadn’t seen any of the big winners (I’ll make up for it before The Oscars), I enjoyed it thoroughly. One of my favourite parts is watching the red carpet to see all the new styles for the year. Last night, things were all over the place but generally I thought it was a great showing of dresses, hair and makeup!

Here are my favourites:

Best colour/best fit: Amy Adams.

This dress was stunning on her. It was the same colour as her eyes and fit her like a glove.


Best detail: Chrissy Teigen.

Loved her messy ponytail, her impeccably beaded dress, and her reaction to her husband winning an award.


Most interesting: Emma Stone.

This was daring, but it worked well and I loved the youthful vibe!


Best hair/makeup combo: Joanne Froggatt.

So cute! Also, she had the best speech (other than George thanking Amal – so cute!)


Best neutral colour: Kate Beckinsale.

She is truly ageless!


Best makeup: Sienna Miller.

Loved her subtle smokey eye and neutral lip.


Overall best dressed: Reese Witherspoon.

She is so classically beautiful, and I loved her jaw dropping diamonds and dress with her simple yet stunning hair and makeup!


What did you think?

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