Oscar Weekend


I am OBSESSED with all things Oscars. I have been ever since I was a little girl and my mom and I would watch together every year. My love for the Oscars has grown throughout the years, and recently I’ve created a tradition of having my good friends over for a night of guessing the winners and critiquing the fashion. It’s fun, light-hearted and a great way to wind down a February weekend. I thought I would share with you some things I’m prepping for my little get together tomorrow night.

My bestie will be joining me a little earlier on in the day for a glass of bubbly and, of course, to watch the red carpet. I’m most excited to see Reese Witherspoon, as she has one of my favourite Oscar looks of all time.

reese-witherspoon-2After that, I’ll be prepping a cheese board to go along with some bubbly to get the night going. I’ll be serving Bottega Gold as my theme for the night is black/white and gold.

8255I’m hoping I can make a cheese plate half as good as this…you know I love the rustic look!


To feed everyone and get them through the show, I’ll be whipping up my favourite chicken meatballs (from this soup recipe) and serving them with a homemade tomato sauce and spaghetti (simple, easy).


Now, to the movies! I managed to see every film nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress and and Best Actor. When choosing the movies I think will win, I always say: this is the movie I want to win, and this is the movie I think will win. I’m breaking down my choices below:

Best Picture

What I want to win: Whiplash. Hands down, this was the best movie of the year. An extremely high level of intensity, flawless and raw acting, and an incredible story. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and find a way. I’ve never felt this strongly about a movie before.

What I think will win: Birdman. Really cool story, but honestly just way too weird for me. But, the other awards shows have been super favourable to this film and I think it will be pull through. Side note: I think Richard Linklater will win for Best Director for Boyhood.

Best Actor

Who I want to win/who I think will win: Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything. Wow – what a performance! He was incredible in this film and he gets my vote easily.

Best Actress

Who I want to win/who I think will win: Julianne Moore for Still Alice. A heartbreaking, yet uplifting performance of what it means to lose yourself to a disease like Alzheimer’s.

That’s my Oscar round up this year! Make sure you stay tuned to my Instagram as I prep for my party!

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