Oscar Roundup

Having my friends over for bubbly and The Oscars last night was a great way to end a great weekend. Starting with the red carpet, we noticed that there was a lot of 20’s esque dresses and lots of sparkle. There were a few looks that stood out to me.

I was really digging the navy blue tuxes on the guys…PS – how adorable was Eddie Redmayne’s thank you speech? So well deserved.

oscars-red-carpet-03087th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I thought this colour was stunning on Jennifer Hudson. Overall, girl looks GOOD!


Jennifer Aniston is always stunning. I thought her dress was beautiful without trying too hard.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The back of Naomi Watts’ dress is what sealed the deal for me. It was really beautiful, from all angles though.


I  didn’t love Kerry Washington’s dress, but her simple hair, glowing makeup and earrings were my favourite combo of the night in the beauty department.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.58.15 AM

After seeing Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl, I’ve been waiting for her next film to come out. I think she’s so effortlessly beautiful and this red number was a top pick for me.


Julianne Moore was so incredible in Still Alice, and I was really excited to see what she’d wear. While I’m not a huge fan of the drop waist here, I like that the dress is different and that the colour almost perfectly matches her skin tone without washing her out.


Best dressed of the night, for me, goes to Reese!! Y’all know she’s my favourite, but I think she killed it overall with the simple hair, slight smokey eye (no eyeliner!), incredible earrings and beautiful black and white Tom Ford dress. So beautiful.


Highlights of the show, for me, included Common and John Legend’s performance (it had the whole audience in tears), Alexandre Desplat’s quote about Wes Anderson, Lady Gaga’s Julie Andrews tributeGraham Moore’s (of The Imitation Game) acceptance speech, and Whiplash winning a few, really well deserved, awards.

Can’t wait to next year! What were your favourite parts?

4 thoughts on “Oscar Roundup

  1. Hi Soph!

    You were bang on with my thoughts with respect to the fashion etc…
    The speeches were so interesting as well on many levels. Thought Lady Gaga did a spectacular job with the Sound of Music. So nice to see Julie Andrews. Class act!
    I remember watching the show many times with you in Toronto. Miss you!

    • So glad you liked it!!

      I didn’t love NPH hosting it (I think so many of the hosts get stifled by the Academy and aren’t allowed to be that funny) but overall the show was great!!

      Miss you xoxo!

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