3rd Annual Mother’s Day Brunch

A few years ago, Peter and I decided we wanted to start an annual holiday tradition for our family. Since most holidays already have traditions in place, we declared Mother’s Day the holiday that we would love to host our families for brunch! This year is probably our last year in our current home, so it was totally bittersweet! Bitter in the sense that we won’t likely have another big meal here, and sweet because fitting 8 people in our tiny dining room is more work than it looks!

We always like to incorporate elements of our Moms’ cooking into the mix. This year, the highlight was Nonna’s “egg dish” – a very simple, yet hearty brunch plate. My mom loves green salads, so we made a simple one to go along with it, and Peter’s mom always serves berries, so we took a page out of her entertaining book! It was a simple, leisurely meal and I had a great time.

Cadeaux Cake

The table was set to look like a smorgasbord: lots of food to choose from…no-one left hungry that’s for sure!

Cake and Bread

The cake was made by Cadeaux Bakery, and was a buttercream icing with lavender cake and raspberry compote. It was delicious.

Mother's Day Brunch

I threw together the detail below at the last minute. I love taking fresh herbs from our garden along with grocery flowers and putting together something small and special. When we served lunch, I took all of the rosemary and roses off of the plates and filled three small mason jars with water to make little arrangements that each mom took home.
Rose and RosemaryHow did you spoil your Mom?

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