#PsBootcamp: What I Learned

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking #PsBootcamp from Bria of Digital Darlings. Bria and I worked closely together when I was writing a wine column for Framework Magazine and producing content for entertaining features. Framework Mag was the jumping off point for showing my love of entertaining and reminding people to celebrate every occasion, so it has been really fun to support Bria’s new business venture! Let me tell you, this girl can teach. It takes a certain amount of dedication and patience to teach something like Photoshop and B has it nailed. I learned so much and wanted to share some of my favourite graphics that I created (all alone!!)

Here is a header that I made. While it didn’t make it to a permanent spot on my blog, I did love the new font so have used a simplified version of it (up top!)

Blog Header

I’ve always been curious to know how people make gold foil prints, and now I know how easy it is. Hint: it involves googling.

Sophie Collins shapes Gold Foil

Love those quotes and graphics you find on Pinterest and Instagram? I’ll never have to “steal” one again!

Sophie types

Last but not least, we learned how to edit people by using our own photos. This can get out of hand really quickly and it made me realize the importance of understanding how different people can look once they’ve been photoshopped. The image below is only slightly altered (no face manipulation here guys!) but it was nice to be able to clean up a few stray hairs and smooth over some wrinkles in my shirt.

Sophie Headshot

If you’ve always wanted to learn photoshop, I would highly recommend taking the Digital Darlings class. It was two full days of great learnings, meeting some wonderful people, and honing in on a new skill!

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