New Gems: Portugese Wine

When I was invited to The Outsider’s Guide to the Inside: Portugese Wines at Cornucopia,  I really had no idea what I was in for, and just how many Portugese wines I would fall in love with. I’m very familiar with Italian wines, and love a good French wine, but I really knew nothing at all about Portugese wines! Portugal is often a section of the wine store I skip over, but not anymore…these wines have impeccable value and great taste. It’s all about learning a little more in order to appreciate a new (to you) region. Below I’ll show you my favourite red and my favourite white from the tasting.

Starting out with my favourite of the day, the Casa de Oleiros Vinho Verde was crisp, bursting with bright acidity, notes of apple and would be perfect for sipping in the summer. Best part about this wine? It’s under $20 (and actually good!) Not to mention – I love the label.


The red winner for me was definitely the Quinta de Cabriz Dao Colheita Seleccionada. Other than being a serious mouthful to say, this wine was aged in French oak and has delicious smooth tannins. It’s great with a simple appy of olive oil and bread. While this specific wine isn’t available at the BCL, I highly recommend browsing the reds of Portugal during your next trip to the store.


Have you tried any Portugese wines? What are your favourites?

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