Wedding Inspiration

I can’t believe we’ll be getting married this year! I have been collecting inspiring images for longer than I’d care to admit on the internet, but I thought I would share some sneak peaks of pictures that are inspiring me for our big day this September. If you’ve planned a wedding before, I’d love to hear your planning process!

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This cake was one of the first pictures I ever pinned when I started dreaming up the big day. I love the simplicity of the frosting and the addition of roses. While we aren’t adding roses to our cake, we are adding a little something that represents us 🙂

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I am really drawn to black and white pictures like the one above when I think about how I want our day to be captured. I don’t the original source or photographer of this image, but I love how natural it feels!

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I love love love the mix of mercury glass and pale pink. In fact, the main colour palette of our wedding is metallics and pale pink. So pretty! (Pic)


I am absolutely obsessed with eucalyptus leaves and plan on incorporating them throughout almost every part of the wedding. They smell amazing and are so beautiful and unique. I love how they were used in this Austin wedding.


This photo is super small, but I have to include it because I pinned it years ago and ever since then knew that I wanted all my gals to wear different dresses. I love seeing each woman’s unique style and think it’s so fun how it all looks together. This is harder than it seems but I think it’ll be worth it!

It’s all a work in progress but I’m having a blast!

Austin Top 10

When I had the chance to go to Austin for work, I scooped it up immediately. I had been wanting to go to Texas (and Austin particularly) for quite some time, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Taylor Kitsch stills lives there after shooting my favourite show in the entire world, Friday Night Lights. Impossible celebrity sightings aside, this trip was one for the books. I absolutely LOVED Austin and am finding any excuse to go back. I did a ton of research before I went (Camille Styles’ restaurant guide was a lifesaver) and I think I did a great job of packing everything into the four days I was there.

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Every morning, I would walk down from the JW Marriott (great location, pretty corporate but still lots of fun people there) and head to Jo’s Coffee for one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. I paired it with their yogurt and fruit because I try to keep it light when I’m travelling and know I’ll be indulging for dinner.

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Another amazing spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner is Elizabeth St. CafĂ©. They have incredible croissants (some of the best I’ve ever had) and apparently amazing Vietnamese food. I was just on my way to dinner so I ONLY (note the sarcasm) had a chocolate croissant. I sat on the patio and people watched and had so much fun. Such a cute spot.

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One of the coolest parts of Austin is that they repurpose old buildings and make them fresh and new again. Launderette used to be an old Laundromat and is now an incredible restaurant with tons of veggie dishes and one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, the birthday cake ice cream sandwich (local Austinites: run, don’t walk). My other favourite dish was the Burrata. I drank a nice CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne to go with my meal (mainly veggies).

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The star of the trip (if I can only pick one) had to be Uchi. If you told me I was going to go to Texas and eat mostly seafood, I would tell you to give your head a shake. What about tex mex? Steak? Not in this restaurant. Uchi was by far the best Japanese food I’ve ever had. What was even more fun was sitting at the bar alone, watching the sushi chefs make my food, and talking to them about all of the exotic ingredients. It’s amazing what can happen if you go out of your comfort zone and sit alone at a busy bar in a restaurant. To my right was a Vietnam war vet who then went on to a career in banking and is now retired. I never would have found that out if I was on a date at a table.

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As much as I loved Uchi, nothing was quite as amazing as Josephine House. Perched on a little corner in the middle of a gorgeous residential neighbourhood, this spot oozed charm and elegance. I mean, just look at the interior decor! It’s a farmhouse lovers’ dream!! I was so happy when I found one of my favourite Oregonian wineries, Soter, had their rosĂ© on the menu. If it wasn’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is! Put this at the top of your list.

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If you are obsessed with food and want to spend a morning among the highest quality, most delicious and well-merchandised food, go to Whole Foods Austin. As I mentioned on my Snapchat (sophiecaldwellc), this is the mecca of Whole Foods. The office is upstairs, it takes up a whole city block, and is absolutely stunning. I bought tons of snacks for the way home and only wished I could take home some of these beautiful roses (these were only a portion of what greeted you upon entering).


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love to try new workouts (especially spin). Luckily for me, my cousin’s step sister Carly is an amazing spin instructor at RIDE. It was harder than Soul Cycle, but equally as fun. I got an incredible workout and I wish I could take her class everyday!! She even played Justin Bieber for me. Again, reasons I need to go back to Austin.


I may have been the only person that didn’t know this, but Austin is the capital of Texas. I was only 15 minutes walking distance from the State Capitol, so the first thing I did when I landed was put on my running shoes and go outside to go for a quick run and see it as dusk. I couldn’t have run inside faster (it was 0 degrees) to get my coat and actually walk. It was absolutely freezing but so worth it. Such a beautiful building with so much history.

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You didn’t think I would write a whole blog post about Austin without talking about some Mexican food did you? I was so lucky that La Condesa was just down the street from my hotel. I had the most delicious, tropical inspired margarita filled with fresh pineapple juice in addition to lime juice, and rimmed with cactus-lemongrass salt. I need to recreate it! For dinner I had hamachi ceviche with habanero truffle oil (whattttt). Such a unique combination of flavours that I never could have imagined. Then I had the cochinitas tacos and Mexican street corn (my first time!) I rolled myself back to the hotel and went to bed.

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I can’t talk about Austin without mentioning my new found love for Outdoor Voices. Guys, this workout stuff is amazing. The founder, Ty Haney, started the line a couple of years ago with the intent that “Doing Things” just becomes a part of your day to day life. It’s for active people that aren’t defined by being active (kind of refreshing, isn’t it?) I bought these leggings and this crop top and have since worn both a total of about 20 times since. If you’re there, make sure to check out the store, because in true Austin style, it’s set up in a cute little house surrounded by fun shops and amazing restaurants.


My Skincare Routine

From a young age I was always taught to take care of my skin. Way back then (I think I started around age 12) I used Éminence which I absolutely loved. You grow up and your so does your skin, so it’s always good to change it up. That’s what I started doing in my twenties, but I had a really bad reaction to a face cream and was so nervous to try anything new. Since then, I’ve stuck to products with natural ingredients. I was so excited when NUDE Skincare sent me a few goodies. I would never post about something just because it was sent to me, but I’m not lying when I say this stuff has changed my skin for the better. I look forward to washing my face every morning and evening, and my skin is so smooth and happy.

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From left to right, this is my skincare routine. On the left is the Detox Gentle Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash which I use three times a week when I wash my hair (yes, I only wash my hair three times a week MAX). It is an exfoliator but it turns into such a nice paste when you add a little water, and it makes your skin so smooth (especially during these dry winter months). Second from the left is my day and night Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly. When I first used this, I actually missed the sudsy, foamy texture of my old face wash, but I’m now a total convert. It cleans without stripping your face of essential oils. On the far right was my saving grace when I was spending the day in the sun in Maui. No joke, this rescue oil has changed my life. It is packed with backuchiol which is “nature’s answer to retinol” – if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. Lastly, I’ve been using that Dermalogica eye serum for a few years because it’s super hydrating and completely eliminates the fine lines below my eyes.


I took this photo at midnight after flying home for 6 hours and using all of my products for a couple of weeks. My skin is way more nourished and hydrated than it every has been and in result I’ve been wearing way less makeup everyday.

I hope you find this helpful! I would also love to know which skincare products you love!

PS I almost deleted that selfie above out of sheer embarrassment but I figured it would be best to show you the results so you know how I really feel about this skincare line!

2016 Goals

5acec83accbe8d77e112c724e3db7ed9If there was a typical goal-setting person, I would be it. In fact, setting goals is one of my favourite things, and I often feel lost if I’m not working towards anything. 

I’ve heard that if you say your goals aloud, you’re much more likely to follow through with them, so I thought I would post them here! I’d love to hear yours too!

Sophie’s 2016 Goals

  • Write one blog post per week // I really fell behind on my blog this year and I realized how much I miss writing. I hope you enjoy this returned passion and dedication to my blog! I have a feeling it’ll be more than once a week but I thought I’d set a goal I knew I could achieve.
  • 30 minutes of French per week before Paris // we’re going to Paris in July! I’m absolutely ecstatic (hello – need to save for my wedding shoes!!!) but I also remember wishing I had practiced French more before our last trip, so I’ll be practicing a little bit every week using my favourite language app, Duolingo.
  • 5-6 workouts per week // I know this may seem crazy but this goal is much more for my overall well being than actual fitness (although that’s a pretty big benefit). The bottom line is that I simply feel better when I’ve worked out. So I’m going to stick with ClassPass (there just isn’t a better deal) and keep my workouts going! My favourite workouts in Vancouver (that are on ClassPass) are: Kondi, Cadence Cycling, Movement 108, Westcoast Hot Yoga and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. I’m also thinking about making the leap and joining one studio because I really miss having a consistent workout community. 
  • Put time aside to think about my career // it’s easy to go through the days when your work in a corporate job. I’ve really been enjoying my work but I also know I want to be mindful of how I want my career to progress in the next few years. If I put some time aside to put my thinking cap on, I think it will be a lot easier to stay on track.

Overall, I want to LIVE IN THE MOMENT AND ENJOY IT ALL // I’m getting married this year. Just saying that out loud gives me butterflies! This is the year I have been looking forward to for a long time and I really want to enjoy every moment.

What are some of your goals for 2016?

2015 Recap

Every year I reflect upon everything that happened in the past 12 months. Every year, I am grateful and amazed and I always wonder how the next year will ever be able to top it.

This year was no exception. It was by far the best year of my life to date. We moved into our new home, we got engaged (best day ever), I did some really fun shoots and was published on one of my favourite entertaining sites, I entertained more than ever, I travelled to some amazing places, and I worked a ton, and took my career to the next level, taking on some really interesting clients. It was a great year.

Last night, we watched the sunset  and set some intentions for 2016. I can’t wait to share them tomorrow, but for now enjoy your day off and Happy New Year!

Dreams (and something really exciting!!)

Christie Graham Photography-89

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was move to California to act. I enrolled in a Junior Shakespeare Repertory Company when I was 11 and set out on that path until graduating with a Theatre degree 10 years later. I was in a few plays, some commercials, and a small TV show throughout that time. What frustrated me about acting was that it was one of those things that no matter how hard you work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be successful because there is a certain amount of luck associated with “making it.” While it may have worked out in the end if I had kept going, I had to take a good look at where I was, and where I wanted to be and I wasn’t sure that I was on the correct path.

Christie Graham Photography-73

As someone who plans almost every single moment of her day and life (a little unhealthy, I know), not having a plan at the age of 21 scared the living daylight out of me. What was my 5 year plan? Would I ever figure it out? Had I failed? Was I giving up too soon? These thoughts clouded my mind and stressed me out beyond belief. It was unfathomable that one could live for a few months (or years) without a direct path. I learned that life is about discovering who you are and what you want to do, and it’s OK not to know how or when or why or what. Once I truly took that on, I was overwhelmed and excited about the possibilities.

Christie Graham Photography-111

Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t have it figured out. But I’m okay with that. I know that I want to be in business, that I want to work hard, and that I want to live a beautiful life filled with great food, wine and people and I’m on my way.

I expect that throughout my life, there will be some special moments where I can truly say that one of my dreams came true. Today is one of those days. I’ve been writing this blog for three years, hoping to share my love of food, wine, and entertaining with the world and today I get to share it with even more people on one of my favourite lifestyle blogs, Camille Styles. A Midwinter Night’s Dream by myself and Gillian is being featured today and I couldn’t be more proud or excited. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed preparing and writing it.

Christie Graham Photography-47

A huge thanks to Christie for taking such beautiful photos, Flower Factory for providing amazing flowers, Gillian for her incredible interior design skills, Barons of Beef for a beautiful piece of (grass-fed, grass-finished) meat, Sweet Bake Shop for the chocolate cake (which I sprinkled with pomegranate seeds) and The Bacchus Group for some delicious wines. Make sure to stop back on Wednesday for a recap of the wines we enjoyed.

See? Dreams do come true (and, most importantly, they can change). Head on over to Camille Styles to see the full feature!