Maui Top 10

There is no denying that Maui has some incredible food. From farmer’s markets to açai bowls to high end restaurants, there is no shortage of delicious offerings. Having gone there for the last few years, I have tested lots of restaurants and I wanted to share! If you’re planning a trip, feel free to reach out to me for more info! All pictures by me (some from my instagram account)


I’m going to start with my favourite spot on the island, Ka’Ana Kitchen. I’m not lying when I tell you I have never had a bad dish or drink here. The food is fresh, local and inventive. Have you ever heard of a restaurant putting seared ahi tuna with burrata? Neither had I…but it’s amazing. Those little green cubes? Fresh passion fruit jelly. I mean REALLY?? So good.

Another favourite for food and drinks is Mama’s Fish House. Their mai tai is strong, and served in the cutest tiki glasses. Beyond that, their fish is fresh and absolutely delicious. They basically have every single type of seafood on the menu, served any way you could imagine (curried, seared, raw, grilled). You can’t go wrong. The restaurant is located in a local inn in Pa’ia and the beach above is right out front. It’s gorgeous. If you follow me on snapchat (sophiecaldwellc) you will see how obsessed I am with the amazing flower arrangements they have (I’ve posted one above).

A new discovery on this past trip was local favourite Kihei Caffe. The line is long, but it goes by fast, and it’s so fun to sit with the local Maui residents on the roadside in Kihei while the sun is coming up. I ordered the Macadamia nut and banana french toast and Peter had the breakfast burrito. Both were amazing. We each sipped one of their blended coffee drinks and we proceeded to roll down the beach home. You can’t miss this place.


Another Pa’ia favourite is Flatbread Company right on the main drag. Their pizzas are delish (and a nice welcome from the light tropical fish-based foods), but their salads are the best. If you go, add pulled pork to your salad and thank me later. (Yes, that is a double decker pizza serving plate)

While many of the roadside fruitstands are pretty overpriced, I really enjoy pulling over and getting some local fruit from the farmers. This one was near Jaws Beach when we went to see the surfers surfing 50 ft waves (they were 20 ft max, and there were no surfers)…But, we got papaya! There is a great farmer’s market in Kihei that has the same vibe, and way better prices.

BRUNCH! Because what is better than eating at a buffet before spending the day in a bikini? I’m not usually a breakfast person but DUO the Four Seasons Resort Maui has the best (that is bolded, underlined, and italicized for a reason) pancakes and waffles. See exhibit A above (banana chocolate chip). They have everything from the most amazing fresh omelettes, to lox and bagels, to polynesian dishes, to PANCAKES (have the pancakes). While I’m at it, the guava margarita at the lobby lounge is to die for.

One of my favourite spots on the whole island is the Andaz hotel, but specifically the Lehua Lounge. The piña coladas are so fresh and delicious, along with every other drink on the menu. The best part is that you get to pretend you’re staying there while you sip your drink poolside.

Another recent discovery, I went to Wow Wow Lemonade when the coffee shop beside our place ran out of their açai bowls. Boy, am I glad they did. This menu was insane! Each bowl had at least 10 ingredients, and they make fresh lemonade right in the store. I wish I could have one of these every morning.

What you see above is the best, freshest, healthiest fish taco you will ever find. Coconut’s Fish Cafe consistently has a line out the door, and for good reason. Their fish tacos are made with 17 ingredients, with everything made in house. Split an order of the fish tacos and coconut shrimp, and then go back the next day and do the same thing.

Lastly, if you do one thing while you’re on Maui, watch the sunset (I like to watch the sunrise too). There is nothing more calming then listening to the waves and watching the sun go down at the end of a day in the water or around the pool.

Can I go back now?

Where To Eat Tonight: España Restaurant

Last weekend at Cornucopia, I had the opportunity to sit down to a five course lunch (with wine pairings) put on by España Restaurant on Denman St. I had wanted to try it for a while, and I’m so glad I got the chance in such an intimate setting.

IMG_3080 IMG_3081 IMG_3084

One of my favourite dishes of the lunch was a roasted fennel with spanish ham. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and a perfect little appetizer.


The fish stew was next and I never knew a stew with fish could be so rich, but this was velvety with full flavours and absolutely delicious.


I loved the simplicity of the roasted pork loin. It wasn’t trying to be anything fancy, but the flavours were incredible!


This was the view from our lunch. It was absolutely spectacular.


The dessert was refreshing yet rich. It was a vanilla bean custard with a tangerine jelly, served with sherry. Talk about decadence!


One of my favourite red wines from the lunch, plus a gorgeous dining room table that has since gone on my must-find list!


The food, the wine, the people, and the setting, were all equally amazing. I highly recommend checking out España in Vancouver. While you won’t be sitting looking over a mountainous terrain, you will be enjoying some of the best Spanish food in Vancouver.


Where To Eat Tonight: Don Francesco’s

Last night I was treated to an incredible meal at Don Francesco’s in Vancouver. Those who live in Vancouver surely know of the established restaurant. It is Italian fine dining at its best. Warm, inviting room, live music, fabulous wines, and of course, a delicious menu. The meal blew me away. I can’t wait to go back for special occasions and dinner dates. IMG_3055IMG_3056

Right on Burrard near Robson, it’s the perfect downtown location for a date night. Walk around later and grab some roasted chestnuts off the street near the Vancouver Art Gallery.


We had a funny conversation about kale at the table. It happens to be one of my favourite foods, but others are not so inclined. I was quick to share my kale chips recipe, sure to convince any non-kale lover of its attributes. The salad was amazing. I felt great about eating it due to the generous portion of kale, but there was a nice side of burrata and tomato to even things out.


When you order rack of lamb at restaurants, you usually expect a few chops here and there. This was the real deal. Beautifully cooked, tender lamb atop potatoes, white & green asparagus, and fresh carrots. It was wrapped in a parmesan crisp and topped with lamb jus. Truly unforgettable.


The dessert was, in a word, fantastic. It was so hard to choose my favourite, so I won’t. From left to right you have Tiramisu (so delicious), Chocolate Ganache Cake (so rich and smooth), and Creme Brûlée (a perfect version if you ask me).

I would sum up our night by saying this: I will definitely be back.

Happy weekend!

Where To Eat in Portland: Ava Gene’s

I’ve already told you how much I loved Oregon, and Ava Gene’s is a huge part of the reason why. I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants in different cities. When I find one that sounds appealing, I add it to my list of “to try” under city categories. When I read Bon Appetit’s review of the restaurant, I was immediately convinced I had to go there. Farm-to-table, local, Italian influence – it was right up my alley. I’m not kidding when I tell you that Ava Gene’s was one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Ever


Another one of my favourite Portland spots was Oregon Wines on Broadway, where we are pictured above, enjoying a flight (or two) or Oregon wine before dinner. I went home with a bottle of the Eyrie Pinot Gris.


One of my favourite things to do when going out for dinner is to start with a cocktail while perusing (the incredible) menu, which changes daily by the way. I ordered one of my favourite classic Italian aperitifs, the Aperol Spritz. 


This was by far one of my favourite dishes. Roasted beans with Talleggio cheese atop of a crostini – to die for. I have to recreate this dish at home.


If you go, I highly reccomend the salad trio. You are able to try a few different veggies and it’s the perfect thing to whet your appetite. I’d never tried raw pumpkin, but it may have been my favourite dish of the night. It was superb.


Another contender for my favourite dish was the duck ragu on homemade pasta. I think that picture encapsulates the deliciousness that was that dish.


An Italian classic, the lamb was grilled over this massive flame and it was very neat to watch. It was much neater to eat, though 🙂


To finish it up, we had THE BEST gelato (biscotti flavoured) and an affogato, one of my favourite simple desserts.

I’m not kidding when I say that I would drive down (minimum 5 hours) to Portland, just for the night, to have this meal again. It is not to be missed, and make sure you book ahead (far ahead!)

Where To Eat Tonight: Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar

Last week, my girlfriends and I were heading out for dinner and we wanted to try somewhere new. My friend suggested Chewies, and I had never heard of it but said let’s give it a go! Located in Kits right by Local, Chewies is basically the Rodney’s Oyster Bar of Kits. Lots of fun people, great service, and an incredible menu. Not to mention, their specials are amazing! We got some fresh oysters (I tried one for the first time and loved it), mussels in white wine sauce with frites, and a light salad for good measure. I was really impressed with all of the food and I can’t wait to go back and sample everything else! A few things on my menu for my next trip there: Creole Garlic Prawns, Fried Chicken (supposed to be amazing), Coconut & Jalapeno Mussels, and maybe even some more oysters. Let me know if you’ve been!

IMG_2355 IMG_2356 IMG_2357Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend!


My Favourite Food Trucks: Vancouver

A few weekends ago, my family and I checked out the Vancouver Food Cart Festival. I was shocked with the amount of people that came out to try the food trucks! Almost every food truck in Vancouver was there, and we tested out a couple new ones that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The information is below, and I suggest you check it out this Sunday! Read below for my favourite food carts in Vancouver!


This food cart, PazzaRella Pizza was a gamble as I hadn’t heard of it, but I absolutely loved it! The pizzas were $9, they were made on the truck in less than 5 minutes, and made right in front of your eyes. It was some of the best napoletana pizza I’ve had in Vancouver. IMG_2234 IMG_2236 IMG_2238

The Soho Road truck was on my list for quite a while. While the portions were small, the wrap’s flavour easily made up for it. Above is the butter chicken wrap. We also tried the chicken and lamb, and the lamb was the clear winner. IMG_2239 IMG_2240While I loved checking out the fest, in the future I’ll probably just stick to going to the carts during the week. The lines were crazy long, and we didn’t get to check out our favourite truck, Tacofino. Either way, read below for my favourite food trucks in Vancouver.

Sip Savour Share’s Favourite Vancouver Food Trucks

1. Vij’s Railway Express. I have nothing but good things to say about this food truck. I’m a huge fan of Vikram, and frequent Vij’s and Rangoli quite often. My favourites at this food truck include the cassava fries, the lamb kebab and the butter chicken schnitzel.
2. Tacofino. I just recently tried this truck out, and I’m so mad that it took me this long! You really can’t go wrong, but you must try the Tuna Ta-Taco and the Fish Tacos. Both are clear winners. I was told the Diablo cookie was amazing, but it was way too spicy for a baked good in my mind (could have been an off day!)
3. Pazzarella. Can’t wait to try more types of their delicious pizza. The spicy salami was the one we tried, and I loved it.
4. Arturo’s Mexico To Go. This is a great place for Mexican on the go. Think delicious burritos served with Mexican soda. Yum!
5. Japadog. The hot dog stand – an original food cart! What’s better than a hot dog grilled on the sidewalk?? Japadog has been around for the longest, and they are still open and thriving after all of this competition. It’s a Vancouver classic.

Here are some trucks I want to try that I’ve heard great things about:
The Juice Truck (how have I not been here?)
Kaboom Box
Mom’s Grilled Cheese
Aussie Pie Guy
Fresh Local Wild

Tell me – what is your favourite food truck?

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